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Posted: August 26, 2012 in Random
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Not every marriage is successful and not every story end with happily ever after paraphrase. The same plot is likely on let’s say forming a group of people with common interests. It will not be an idea of one but of a few or rather from one to many. The enthusiasm is extremely high and the future looks promising. Someone above the rest will lead and will set the direction based on common ground. Laughter and beers will drown every failure down the road. Let ‘em say we’re still work-in-progress and we will come to the point where we can really call ourselves competitors.


But along the way, changes are inevitable. People will have different priorities, different lifestyle, with so much focus on responsibilities. Then there goes the first, second, third, fourth alumni. But new faces come into picture. Again, new hopes were born. New definition of the word challenge, the whole new meaning of WE. Bad times, good times, even more bad times but still we just call it another part of building a more stronger and solid foundation. And at the end, ice-cold beer will cure every pain and every frustration.


The main reason why the group was formed slowly fades away like as how the original mainstay was fitted with new shoes.  Only few were left and were replaced by new action stars. Perhaps the spirit that binds the group is just hanging by a thread. Most likely tired of the tradition the group needs to be revolutionized or reborn.


But hope is eternal. And the trigger will just appear in time that everyone is not expecting it. Then the surprising change came in that looks to energized the already exhausted soul of the group. When people step-up amazingly when someone says adieu temporarily. Somehow a huge sign that stays for such time. A period where a rewind of everything from day 1 is the best thing to do.


The suffocating tradition maybe the culprit of everything. One cannot hold on to the very same chair for a very long time. A good leader will always think what is best for the rest and not to oneself alone. Even if it became part of your daily life, your true love next to the people you love most, your habit that is definitely hard to break and part of your soul, if everything looks bad when your hands on, and the opposite if not, then it is just time to let it go.


A true leader will think about the survival of all and not by one, of the single reason why it is there in the first place. If it will looks better with the total absence of who formed it and not how it was formed, then it is just time to let it go.


Some relationships ends prematurely, but life that is, full of mystery, complications and never ending changes.


But for the best part, the group that was originally formed for one single reason will stays with still that single reason. And that is where it all started.


People is asking why?


Well, good leader will say “it is time for new ideas”, a better one will say “it is for the common good of majority” while the least will simply say “my time is over…”


Retired: vib#24


these are some of those never ending simple thoughts someone could hardly imagine….

.. run against the wind and get wet under the monsoon rain
.. hit the road with 1000cc Honda bike and travel from North to South
.. skydive and touch the clouds with bare hands
.. surf huge waves
.. snowboard and trigger an avalanche
.. dive somewhere in Cebu
.. jam with U2 and Bono
.. rock with Metallica and Greenday
.. watch movie for 8 straight weeks
.. travel to Bahamas or stay at The Beach House in Manafaru, Maldives


.. spend a night at Peter Island Resort at British Virgin Islands
.. or kayak at Wakaya Club, Fiji
.. breakfast at Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia
.. glide from the mountains of Canada
.. visit Phi Phi Island and swim across to party at Phuket Island
.. climb the highest peaks in just 7 weeks and be back in 7 months
.. experience autumn season of Japan
.. travel along with Ferrari Formula One team the whole F1 season
.. get lost in Venice, Italy
.. spend a day in Santorini, Greece
.. hide and relax at Secret Beach, Kauai
.. spa and massage at Blue Lagoon, Iceland


.. watch and enjoy the coast at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
.. backpack to Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
.. and travel ahead to Ko Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
.. read manga while relaxing at Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
.. and then fly to stay at Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas


.. wear a couple of fancy tuxedos
.. date Julia Roberts and of course Angelina Jolie
.. then have a dinner in Eiffel Tower at Paris, France
.. stay til New Years Eve and celebrate it at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
.. cruise back to where I started
.. wake up one fine sunny morning on your own bed
.. visit the Orphanage in Tagaytay City, Philippines… Deliver truckloads of candy bars, chocolate, coloring books, crayons and pencils, shoes, comforters, blankets and pillows, a year supply of canned goods and food supplements and let the kids play for the rest of the day. Share the blessings and call it a day.

…. funny thoughts ha, not bad I guess

“For the weak, for those hopelessly falling in love, and for people who either they fell too early or had been struck too late…”

You just wake up one morning and you found out that your life is starting to get quiet until….. Your routine became simple until someone unexpected cross your way….

You have no more disagreement with anyone ‘til you start to argue and jumble with your light similarities and unknown differences…..

You had started to live a pretty basic life ‘til you can’t find for yourself how your day will gonna start and how it will end….

It seems you can’t get away with it…… You thought you can…. ‘Til you decided to just let it sail thru the wind and swim against the tides…… Painful or not….

The thing is, when you fall in love, you’ll never know that it is already hitting you really hard, really really hard…..

The fact is that when you fall for it, you’ll never find the answer why and you’ll never give a damn to give it a try….

And the truth ‘bout it will be difficult to face, you’ll be pushed into the corner, to the edge but you’ll keep on hoping along the way….

And you’ll never find the way out of it that easy… And that’s the tricky part…..

Now then you’ll think about the past and what you’d been through all those years
You’re hurt the way you hurt those people you’d been with before
People who entrusted their heart to you, gave their all, even their dreams of their future

All of the sudden you’d decided to walked away, turn your back and say good bye
You’ve both says it’s over, even in your eyes appears it is not and promised to stay that way first time you’ve met and became thankful at least you both gave it a shot.
And moving on will be much easier because by the time you see it, both of you had shows no regrets.

lovers in the park

If you kinda realized within yourself that you’re on this kind of situation, at least be happy about it. Be thankful for what you’ve got and what that someone can possibly gave back. For the law of nature has never been unfair to anyone, we are just all piece of the puzzle. Keep on going, keep on hoping and keep on that way that keeps you moving.

And if it’s really painful for you to hang on, there is nothing wrong if you just let yourself cry. You’ve got to know how to learn risking it all, without expecting anything in return.


Life is like a coffee in a cup.
Either it’s sweet or not.
Either it is black or not.
Either is 3-in-1 or locally brewed.
Either it is instant or not.
Either it’s in small cup or in large mug.
Either it’s cold or hot, chilling or not.

You have to enjoy it, smell the aroma of it, and get addicted ’til the last drop of it.

Life is like a coffee in a cup, hold into your cup carefully, so you’ll not spill it.
If you mess with it, look at the stain it would create.

It was Thursday night; he just came back from a sporty activity that is usually part of his routine. Tired and hungry, he found a letter at the front of his room. Letters and snail mails are common but rarely this one. This one is different from the others. He opened the door, entered the room and sit down beside his bed. He carefully opened the letter just to get shocked and disappointed by the contents of it.

First time into that situation, he tried to maintain his cool and his calmness. He took a deep breath and read the letter once again. Now it is official he sigh. After all the previous conversation, advices and phone calls, all proven to be ineffective. All of his senses shattered into pieces while trying to think what will be his best move and logical approach to what disappointed him.

The joker’s ordeal failed to be concealed by his tiresome and peculiar face against his housemate. Sensing that there is something wrong, his friend immediately asked and indirectly converged what makes him to have that look on his face. He willingly shared his previous experience and how he managed to dodge and survived it. Still after that, he somehow still feels alone, neglected and abandoned.
He dialled his phone and tried to call a special friend. At least, from there, unknown effect by simply talking to her will surely offer a quick relief, and so it is. Strange but somewhat, he tries to comprehend whatever makes it that way and flout it out to clear off anything that may lead into sudden death of unwitting emotions.

Again, alone in his room, he attempted to foresee different after-effect if he fails to act swiftly and wisely on his unprecedented problem. He should be smart, ready to sacrifice other things and set priorities that may possibly take down the path to survival. Suddenly, tears falls from his eyes, down to his face and everything seems he’s helpless. The Joker is in tears.