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Here, Again…..

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Romance


Here we go again.

Does it really matter if someone had to wait?

It some kind of an entrapment, and I don’t want to do this anymore.

Breakups, is not an easy thing on earth.

It will somehow create a situation wherein you’ll find yourself affected if not that way too seriously.

Well, you may not be the aggravated party but it will also leave a mark on you.

You’ll somehow you’ll laugh about it, drink a couple of beers with it, but, bottom line, you’ll still experience a form of agony after all the smoke gets cleared.

I am exactly in the same situation I was before.

Girl was introduced to me, I was introduced to here, we then agreed to continue with the talks.

We laugh, we share stories, we walk together, dream together.

We call each other not daily but time to time, every day, every night, every bedtime, every sunrise.

We are text mate, facebook friends, etc etc.

We share movie links, we share love songs, she then falls, not We.

Then the art of letting go.

The pain, not alien to it anymore but have to be face all over again.

Not that I do not love her, nor don’t like here but I don’t know.

She’s not the one.

I’ve got feelings for her I care for her, really.

I’m sad when she’s feeling blue and don’t want to find her not having a great day.

But, I don’t know.

Perhaps, just one of those situations that became almost a habit for me.

Certainly, Here we go again.