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Posted: August 26, 2012 in Random
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Not every marriage is successful and not every story end with happily ever after paraphrase. The same plot is likely on let’s say forming a group of people with common interests. It will not be an idea of one but of a few or rather from one to many. The enthusiasm is extremely high and the future looks promising. Someone above the rest will lead and will set the direction based on common ground. Laughter and beers will drown every failure down the road. Let ‘em say we’re still work-in-progress and we will come to the point where we can really call ourselves competitors.


But along the way, changes are inevitable. People will have different priorities, different lifestyle, with so much focus on responsibilities. Then there goes the first, second, third, fourth alumni. But new faces come into picture. Again, new hopes were born. New definition of the word challenge, the whole new meaning of WE. Bad times, good times, even more bad times but still we just call it another part of building a more stronger and solid foundation. And at the end, ice-cold beer will cure every pain and every frustration.


The main reason why the group was formed slowly fades away like as how the original mainstay was fitted with new shoes.  Only few were left and were replaced by new action stars. Perhaps the spirit that binds the group is just hanging by a thread. Most likely tired of the tradition the group needs to be revolutionized or reborn.


But hope is eternal. And the trigger will just appear in time that everyone is not expecting it. Then the surprising change came in that looks to energized the already exhausted soul of the group. When people step-up amazingly when someone says adieu temporarily. Somehow a huge sign that stays for such time. A period where a rewind of everything from day 1 is the best thing to do.


The suffocating tradition maybe the culprit of everything. One cannot hold on to the very same chair for a very long time. A good leader will always think what is best for the rest and not to oneself alone. Even if it became part of your daily life, your true love next to the people you love most, your habit that is definitely hard to break and part of your soul, if everything looks bad when your hands on, and the opposite if not, then it is just time to let it go.


A true leader will think about the survival of all and not by one, of the single reason why it is there in the first place. If it will looks better with the total absence of who formed it and not how it was formed, then it is just time to let it go.


Some relationships ends prematurely, but life that is, full of mystery, complications and never ending changes.


But for the best part, the group that was originally formed for one single reason will stays with still that single reason. And that is where it all started.


People is asking why?


Well, good leader will say “it is time for new ideas”, a better one will say “it is for the common good of majority” while the least will simply say “my time is over…”


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Random Question

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Random

When can I have my heart back?

cant sleep, cant eat, cant work and cant run and cant walk
can chat, can argue, can fight, can attack, can sanction
can negotiate truce and peace, can declare all out war
cant take a break, cant take a breath when under attack
can get into your nerves sometimes, can give you headache most of the times

expensive, costly and will hurt your pocket if you get addicted to it
enjoyable when winning and will make you stubborn at the other end
you will have your enemy when provoked and you will like them when they agreed on your sentiments
you will have lots of friends all over the world, as well as enemies
your alias will be famous, either for good, or worst all will look after you to get a piece of yah
you will be love, and they will plunge with you wherever you go

you’ll cross path with someone you dont know and one morning you’ll find she’s already into you….

this is the game I love, the game they love, the game we will live for now…

–iPhone World War–
The Captain

Life is A Beach!

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Random
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Life is a beach in every way we look at it. But it depends on what kind of beach our lives have. Sometimes, it will not just be an enjoyable summertime beach but a well-entrenched and never been discovered, altered beach. One with huge rocks, big and fearsome waves, still untouched behind the corner of an island’s mountain. Always ready to rip anyone into pieces in a second or two. No calmness on sight as it is like there is always a storm brewing in. Stronger wind and heavier sea breeze, it gets a lot much more heavier as days passes by. And when you tried to get into it, either you’ll get drowned or sharks will just feast on your stupidity. These kind of beaches will have a lot of challenges, will only bring you a lot of unavoidable pains and sufferings. Don’t even step near into it, you’ll never know what will happen next when you fall into its trenches. Better get drowned in a summertime beach where somebody could possibly rescue you rather than get lost in this kind of beaches, where nobody would dare think to get you out of it.


Posted: June 4, 2009 in Random
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“There is no meaning in our world neither is there any meaning in us, the ones who live in it. It is then meaningless for us, who are equally meaningless, to conceive the world in our thoughts despite knowing there is no meaning to be found”

Itsuka wakariaeru kara…

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Random

ienai itami kanashimi de kizutsuita kimi mo
kesenai koto mo seoiatekou
ikiru koto nagedasanaide
tsunaida kimi no te o
itsuka ushinatte shimau no ka na
usurete yuku egao kimi o mamoritai kara
hibiku boku oyobu koe sae kare
tokesou kaze ni kikasaretatte
kimi o mitsukedasu
waraenai nante hito kirai naute totoba sou iwanaide
mienai miarai ni okoru kotosubete ni imi ga aru kara
ima wa sono mama de ii kitto kizukeru toki ga kuru darou
itsuka wakariaeru kara

I hate it the way I’m missing you
I hate the way I’m thinking about you
I hate the way you ignore my messages
I hate the way you name me and calling me on it
I hate it really when you’re making fun of me
I hate it much accepting the fact that I can’t get through your schedules
I hate it when what I have to write is nothing but all about you
I hate it because there is nothing much to hate about you

…. for

I like the way you look
I like the way you smile
I like most the way you eat and your good appetite
I like it when you laugh, very much
I like watching you sleep
I like the way you drink
I like the way you talk
I like it the way you answer my messages
I like it much when you’re making fun of me
I like it much when you still have energy and time to talk to me
I like it the way you are and I like it most when your showing the better side of life


I hate it because to the fact that I like you the most
I hate it as much as I could like you much more

I will not be surprise if you get mad at me not for hating you but for liking you
Because I hate myself for liking you more than you hate me as much as you do