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Posted: July 6, 2010 in Love
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I never knew that these would come along in the time in which I am already in the process of believing and accepting that fact, the hardcore reality; that I don’t have to be like these anymore. That time is running out for me and If I did not make any wise practical decision, I will no longer be able to get it back to where it should be. I am used to missed calls and unknown numbers in my handheld. But when this one appeared one rainy Friday morning, everything happened too fast that never gave me a chance to counter-react on my usual defensive instinct.

Yes you’re right. Another woman in my life comes into picture. Only this time, I am deeply affected or rather impacted by her presence. I was struck right away in the center of my weakest point, bulls-eye. Damnit! Never been like these before. I’m a cold-blooded Adam, I do not entertain ridiculous feelings of love and fantasies, romance and deep affections. I used to be always in a relationship which I don’t entertain expectations and regards to commitments. My basic simple philosophy is that, people come and go, and so girlfriends too. I managed to be a pro in letting go.

But hey, look at me. I am scared of my own creations. I am falling in love. Not falling, I am already in love. And I am scared to death. Why, I am sure you’re asking me why. Because my simple answer is that I don’t want to fall in love. It’s my one single weakness that until now, I am having hard times figuring it out on how I could possibly recover when everything goes haywire. I can’t imagine the pain of losing someone to another guy. Nor breaking up and letting the one you truly love go.

Call me insane but that is just who I am. No regards to the feeling of others when in a playful relationship but I admit that I am scared to death with the thoughts of falling crazily in love with someone. Not fair ha. Yeah, I am not fair and will not play fair to anyone.

But… This time, let’s see.


Valentines Day Story

3 days before 14th, to have a date both hearts agreed
One heart is excited while the other is a bit scared
Its HER first time to go for a date, perhaps careless she should not be
While HE is searching the whole metro, almost to find a perfect gift
This young pretty girl at the shop, to HIM sweetest smile she gave
One’s excited heart vanished, strange feelings struck the boy so hard
Before the sun hides against the moon, text messages, turns busy their phone
2 days before that date, the first timer finally feels at ease
Her destiny is already written and this boy will be her gift
With friends she seek advise, what to wear, for he to be impressed
She will need no material gift to wrap, for her untouched soul and flesh
The best gift the boy could possibly get
1 day before that date, in a room cast’s the shadows of two souls
Swaying to the tempo of unknown melody, swimming the waves without the sea
Several hours after, the storm calm down and melody stop
Both lips are still locked, their faith sealed upon first time they met
On that date, 14th of the month, the day most of hearts awaits and see
On a dress white fine silk, carries a price every boy could be envy
Her friends were excited, full of praises the girl receives
The beauty has emerged for the boy she loves the most she wants to be
On that date, 14th of the month, hour’s passes by, the gate sees no one, the door remains quiet
The boy is still nowhere, no messages has been received
Friends starts to worry, no more, the first dreamed date
Preparations will be nothing, by reckless heart, quickly all will be ruined
On that date, 14 of the month, the moon shines above the teary eyes
Several pieces the heart was torn, broken and tormented with unspeakable pain
Between sobs, escape, the girl thought the rope is the only way
On that date, 14th of the month, two heart’s celebrating while the other stops beating

“Siamo fatti della stessa sostanza dei sogni…”

~ William Shakespeare

“Una notte d’amore e un libro letto in meno…”

~ De Balzac

“E’ meglio aver amato, e perso, che non aver mai amato..”

~ Alfred Tennyson

“Scusa ma ti chiamo amore…”

“For the weak, for those hopelessly falling in love, and for people who either they fell too early or had been struck too late…”

You just wake up one morning and you found out that your life is starting to get quiet until….. Your routine became simple until someone unexpected cross your way….

You have no more disagreement with anyone ‘til you start to argue and jumble with your light similarities and unknown differences…..

You had started to live a pretty basic life ‘til you can’t find for yourself how your day will gonna start and how it will end….

It seems you can’t get away with it…… You thought you can…. ‘Til you decided to just let it sail thru the wind and swim against the tides…… Painful or not….

The thing is, when you fall in love, you’ll never know that it is already hitting you really hard, really really hard…..

The fact is that when you fall for it, you’ll never find the answer why and you’ll never give a damn to give it a try….

And the truth ‘bout it will be difficult to face, you’ll be pushed into the corner, to the edge but you’ll keep on hoping along the way….

And you’ll never find the way out of it that easy… And that’s the tricky part…..

Now then you’ll think about the past and what you’d been through all those years
You’re hurt the way you hurt those people you’d been with before
People who entrusted their heart to you, gave their all, even their dreams of their future

All of the sudden you’d decided to walked away, turn your back and say good bye
You’ve both says it’s over, even in your eyes appears it is not and promised to stay that way first time you’ve met and became thankful at least you both gave it a shot.
And moving on will be much easier because by the time you see it, both of you had shows no regrets.

lovers in the park

If you kinda realized within yourself that you’re on this kind of situation, at least be happy about it. Be thankful for what you’ve got and what that someone can possibly gave back. For the law of nature has never been unfair to anyone, we are just all piece of the puzzle. Keep on going, keep on hoping and keep on that way that keeps you moving.

And if it’s really painful for you to hang on, there is nothing wrong if you just let yourself cry. You’ve got to know how to learn risking it all, without expecting anything in return.