Unfaithfully Yours

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Romance

And yet the man failed to control to the very last point of perilous temptation

To the glorious idea of wicked thoughts, thy blissful actions speaks well for his damned soul

That weakness of a man’s flesh capitulates to the lovely but monstrously sinful smile

Immortalizes the popular never ending stories of the unfaithful humans

While she look helplessly on the silhouette of the sins

Dark rain hides the tears as sobs of anger silently numb her actions

As she slowly walks away, a glimpse of their past quickly shoots back as loud as the thunder roar

“I’ll be yours forever, only you I will love til the end of my life, I promise.”

“I promise to be faithful and dare not touch another woman’s heart.”

“Til death….”

… but death she’s all alone

  1. soleadventures says:

    ur good at writing 🙂
    managed to dig from beginning til end.
    sana you’ll stop being on hiatus and start writing again 😉

    Btw, asa sg pa ikaw? There are quite a lot of bloggers here! Sama kaw pag may gatherings/meetups 😉

    • kizukesahara says:

      thanks for the compliment… yeah got a few drafts but thinking twice of posting it 😛

      im still around sg, perhaps i can join your gathering if there is, just let me know….. thank you

  2. ei, bloggers have a swimming party/inuman/overnight/bijoke/bondingan/kulitan @ Hougang Regentville bukas.. baka gusto mo punta so everyone can know you 😉

    u can tweet me or email me @ feeblemind_99@yahoo.com if free kaw :))
    pwede kita meet before tau punta dun hehehe :))

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