Posted: August 22, 2011 in Romance

Lucky me
Managed to dodge it
If not, a devastating result with either bring me down to my senses and totally lost myself in the process or it will gonna hunt me forever
If I did fall in love to that girl, I’m doomed for sure
But to be honest, i think she has all what a girl should have
But she’s a bit scary in general sense of it

One thing about her I will not be able to forget is her smile.
It has the power to melt everything on its path.

Well, I have 10 days more days of starting anew again.
Deactivated my facebook account already, bid farewell to to my anime nome de plume on social media.
Next is to finally set my current contact numbers to “unreachable” mode means offline for good.
Another is to clean-up YM, MSN, Skype and other chatting accounts.

Though my tweet tweet and Google+ accounts are all intact and i decided to keep them for a while.

That’s it for now.


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