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When Love is not Enough

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Romance
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You care for him, you always keep in mind by checking that he is in good situation
You cook for his dinner and you travel a distance just to bring him those foods you cooked
You clean his room anytime you are free and make sure everything is well taken care of
You provided him the care that everyone envy for, making sure he is always out of pain
You gave him your time while you ask others to gave you their time
He has all you as his personal property while you can’t even ask for his hand
You give him all, everything on you but he can’t share a bit part of him to you
You gave him your whole world even he is not asking for it, but still you tell him, “I’m yours”
Love is all you gave to him and you gave it all your whole heart even your own soul
Then he left you all alone, all of a sudden, “we’re done” loud enough he said over the phone
When your love and care you think is perfectly good enough
What the hell, that is what you’ve got in return