True Colour of Love, True Colour of You

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Romance
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Anywhere, everywhere, all over you can think of. When you think of the word LOVE, it’s RED. Literally, because our “physical” heart pumps up blood that makes it red rest everything that brings other colour can paint love. But are all of you aware that RED too carries the colour of PAIN, ANGER and SUFFERING among the few. It is also the very same colour that symbolizes GUILT, the colour of the SIN and therefore the colour of LUST.

Did you tried to search for the true colour of love? What is the colour that can truly paint your love?
You give red roses, red tulips and other flowers that has red colour. You choose them because you therefore believe that it is the colour that expresses love. But did you ask yourself, Is my love pure and for real? Shouldn’t it be white, or any other colour that exists?

You celebrate love during occasions in certain part of the year and you bought red cards, red coloured gifts, red neon bulbs, you wear red clothing and other things that has red on it. But aren’t you guilty of something for wearing red? Isn’t it symbolizes too that lust shouting inside of you? Isn’t it for the guilt that you’ve been carrying for such a long time?

Every other thing on the universe has its own colour. Some are true and some are not. Few are pure and most fades away. Others are red and some are blue. There are also few that are not true.

We select the colour unknowingly. We just simply go with the trend. Whatever surrounds you, you just follow. You forgot to look deep who really you are. Like love, we just say I Love You but our heart is with somebody else at the back of our mind. Is that the real you?

So If I do ask you, what colour of love do you have?

What colour are you?

  1. Pink
    Red is a passionate colour and then there is white which seems pure. So maybe the red is the lust and over time becomes pure . mixed together and you have a light pink colour for love.
    Great piece of writing 🙂

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