Emotional Blackmail

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Art of Survival, Relationship
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Have you encounter such case before. You’re being held because you’re being blackmailed emotionally? You can’t get out of an already dead and no longer working relationship because of emotional distress which threatens with unexpected outcome? The common terms for which told at the beginning, no expectations, no commitment, no nothing, will be effective no more and will only backfire to you with lightning speed.

The question is, how can you get out? How can you get rid yourself on this situation without any fear of unforeseen actions? Of course, not those kind of fear for myself, but fear that she might do something stupid.

I was once there before. Because of bad communications, it ends up that I called it quits (with my girlfriend that time) at the middle of Magsaysay Blvd while jeepneys and cars are threatening our own existence. When I left her at that portion of the highway, she did chase me that almost took her life. That’s terrible and I am so stupid that time. And I don’t want to be on that situation again.

Now, I feels that history might repeat itself again. Maybe not that bad, maybe worst than that.

Geez, what the fuck am I getting into.

  1. me says:

    really a blackmail. scary one.

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