Posted: February 15, 2010 in Art of Survival, Relationship
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Cold, deceiving and dark
He strikes again, direct hit to the victim’s heart
Dreary thoughts on him as the girl can’t do anything but walks away
No flowers, no cards, no chocolates, No sweet fancy words
Tears falls as she boarded the empty bus, hushed, tormented
He turns his back, no words, no remorse, nothing but a devious heartless hollow soul

14th of February, for him its just another day, while she has a broken heart on Valentines Day

“Hindi ko sinasadya na saktan ka, pero ayoko na talaga….”

  1. ladie_sakuya says:

    break it to me gently..

  2. ladie_sakuya says:


  3. kizukesahara says:

    I will with my very best… 🙂

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