Pizza, DVDs and My Couch

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Living Life
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Happy Valentines Day to all. Remember to celebrate this day differently from usual days. I know most of you will say, everyday can be Valentines day, you’re right. But that is why there are seasons. There are seasons of joy and happiness and there is a season of love and its called Valentines Day.

You can celebrate it with your mom, your parents or your sister and brother. You can celebrate with your cousins or with your friends. If you do have a fiancee or your dating someone, make it completely unique against those usual days that you are dating. Candle light dinner is common. Maybe a walk at the park or walking barefooted at the beach suited you best. Go to your house roof or at the rooftop, and watch for the falling stars at night.

Anyway, whatever your plan is, its good to hear that you will celebrate 14th of February with your heart and with someone you dear most.

Me, I’m gonna celebrate it with some slices of pizza and few DVDs together with my sorround sound system, 42″ HDTV and my sweet couch.

Happy Hearts Day to All….

  1. ladie_sakuya says:

    Happy Valentines day..just passing by…

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