Drama Queen

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Living Life, Relationship, Romance
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She’s crying again.

How can I clear-up things? I’m yet to start asking why and tried to explain things, you’re already bursting in tears and making me feels that I’ve done something terribly wrong even I’m sure there is none. That I don’t care about you, what I feel for you is not true. Why it always end up like these? When I tried to explain things, for you I am already raising my voice. When I choose to be silent, then I am ignoring you. When I tried to reason out, makes me appear that I don’t care for us and I am just taking you for granted.

You’re crying again. What should I gonna do? It’s me and what’s wrong if in a day, I don’t think much about you, if I missed a whole day to ring your phone. Shouldn’t you be thankful that I didn’t miss to send an SMS to you before bed time? I know you’re doing just fine and no need for me to ask things in detail how’s your day goes, or where did you go with your friends. You must understand that I need space sometimes, I need a quiet place to relax and think of other things aside from you. I don’t want to talk about usual things that we talk about when we are together. I’d like to be alone sometimes, what’s wrong with that. I know you care, you just wanna know what’s going on with me, where have I been the whole day. You want to know what time I woke up this morning, what have I taken for lunch and what would I have for dinner. You wanted to know what did happen at work or did I met my deadline. Is it wrong if sometimes, I dont want to talk to you? Let me close my eyes for a while without you on my mind, be myself on the dining table without those fancy manners, watch my favorite tv show without having my self on the phone with you. Be offline for a day and let my webcam take a rest for a while.

You’re crying again. Now, your crying while your friends are with you. Why are you doing that to me? I don’t know how or what your friends will think about me. Is that another way to make it appear that you are the only one who cares about us and I am doing nothing but hurting you even in front of them? I care for you more than you ever know and until now, I don’t know why you still doubt my sincerity.

You’re crying again. You’ve been jealous even with my favorite sports. You’re crying because I pick basketball rather than you. That I preferred to be with my basketball team mates rather than stay with you at your flat or stay at my flat the whole day with you. How many times would I told you, that this is once in a week event to keep myself fit, just 3 hours out of seven days of our week and basketball is already with me before I’d met you. Why all of a sudden, you want me to change my usual routine just to be with you? Is it wrong for me to ask? Now your crying again.

I’m already tired. Go on and just let yourself cry. I may shed tears too but at least at the very end, I know I will find myself free of all the dramas I don’t even know if it is real or just for a show.

Now I will just let you cry.

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