A Valentines Day Story

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Love
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Valentines Day Story

3 days before 14th, to have a date both hearts agreed
One heart is excited while the other is a bit scared
Its HER first time to go for a date, perhaps careless she should not be
While HE is searching the whole metro, almost to find a perfect gift
This young pretty girl at the shop, to HIM sweetest smile she gave
One’s excited heart vanished, strange feelings struck the boy so hard
Before the sun hides against the moon, text messages, turns busy their phone
2 days before that date, the first timer finally feels at ease
Her destiny is already written and this boy will be her gift
With friends she seek advise, what to wear, for he to be impressed
She will need no material gift to wrap, for her untouched soul and flesh
The best gift the boy could possibly get
1 day before that date, in a room cast’s the shadows of two souls
Swaying to the tempo of unknown melody, swimming the waves without the sea
Several hours after, the storm calm down and melody stop
Both lips are still locked, their faith sealed upon first time they met
On that date, 14th of the month, the day most of hearts awaits and see
On a dress white fine silk, carries a price every boy could be envy
Her friends were excited, full of praises the girl receives
The beauty has emerged for the boy she loves the most she wants to be
On that date, 14th of the month, hour’s passes by, the gate sees no one, the door remains quiet
The boy is still nowhere, no messages has been received
Friends starts to worry, no more, the first dreamed date
Preparations will be nothing, by reckless heart, quickly all will be ruined
On that date, 14 of the month, the moon shines above the teary eyes
Several pieces the heart was torn, broken and tormented with unspeakable pain
Between sobs, escape, the girl thought the rope is the only way
On that date, 14th of the month, two heart’s celebrating while the other stops beating

  1. ladie_sakuya says:

    sweet but unfair..
    love is always like that esp in Valentines day..

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