Just Another Day

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Living Life
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Well, there’s nothing new when somebody resurrects from the dead.

After a short break (3 weeks isn’t long right?) practically most of us are back to our daytime job. Sits all day on our own space doing nothing but surfing the web and invading the pantry for more than 3 cups of coffee ‘til we rush down the elevator to catch the 6PM train. The same sort of faces on the train station and even while you are inside the train, you will find the rest of the faces bearing different thoughts, others are just wanting to get home, some seems still at their desk even their flesh already boarded the train. Most are hungry with the strange looks on their faces, and others just don’t care what I am thinking of them. The gossip never ends at the doorway of your office or at the pantry but continues down to the doorway of the train. A couple are talking about how the girl became pregnant without seeing anybody who’s dating her for the last few couples of months and based on how they react and the selection of words they had used, they are pretty much intrigued. At one corner are young ladies who are giggling to the thoughts of their new crush in school and at the other side is a serious looking middle-aged man who’s being paranoid of all the laughter coming from the different side. As the train stations passes by, the jam packed train becomes spacious and a lady beside me managed to finally have a seat. (Thanks to me being a gentleman hahahahaa joke). All it takes is just an eye contact and that’s it, she took the seat. (for which I complain sometimes)

Near the train station where I usually depart, there is a mall in which I took sometime to buy cooked food if it’s a bit late and I am too lazy to cook my own dinner. Usually, it depends on what day of the week. If its Monday, it should be veggies and some fish, Tuesday must be fish still, Wednesday will be some meat and Thursday most of the time depends on how it will turns out as this is called Thirst Day where me and some of my friends habitually empty’s few mugs of lagers. Friday is diet day, it’s dinner or no dinner at all. From time to time, this routine will be interrupted by occasional date or hangout with short-time girlfriend that most of the time will end up sleeping over board.

After few minutes standing in the bus, finally reached home and I wave to my Indo-Chinese neighbor who happens to be getting married soon. (Sigh) The lights are on meaning that either one or two of my lady flat mates are already in. The two empty mugs are again in the dining table. This is intriguing me, as I keep on cleaning the table with empty mugs the next day it will be there again. Assuming that most of us has our own sets of mugs and are responsibly putting it in the right place after use, this two empty mugs keep on coming back, used, on a regular basis which intrigued me for quite sometime. Amazing.

Switch on the tv and directly browse the channels for shows that will not makes me sleepy. Luckily, Wednesday and Thursday night will be a bit different as the American Idol New Season started in full-swing. Lay down the couch and kick-up my laptop to check personal emails, check my fantasy teams and see how I’m doing bad, really bad.

Got some buzz, few phone calls and then a bowl of my favorite noodles with 2 eggs will settle the rest of the night. Watching late night talk shows ‘til 2 am before finally sensing that the Goddess of Bed makes my world fall into sleep.


  1. ladie_sakuya says:

    when was the last time i did this? observing the things that surrounds me. this is pretty good.

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