The Game that Never Sleeps

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Random
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cant sleep, cant eat, cant work and cant run and cant walk
can chat, can argue, can fight, can attack, can sanction
can negotiate truce and peace, can declare all out war
cant take a break, cant take a breath when under attack
can get into your nerves sometimes, can give you headache most of the times

expensive, costly and will hurt your pocket if you get addicted to it
enjoyable when winning and will make you stubborn at the other end
you will have your enemy when provoked and you will like them when they agreed on your sentiments
you will have lots of friends all over the world, as well as enemies
your alias will be famous, either for good, or worst all will look after you to get a piece of yah
you will be love, and they will plunge with you wherever you go

you’ll cross path with someone you dont know and one morning you’ll find she’s already into you….

this is the game I love, the game they love, the game we will live for now…

–iPhone World War–
The Captain


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