The Forbidden Fruit

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Friendships
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During those early years, I bravely climb the tallest and the biggest Mango trees in my grandfather’s farm just to pick up the biggest and the tastiest mango for my friend every time she craves and ask me for it. Even some other local fruits that is not that easy to harvest or pick-up. Although, it’s risky to climb those huge trees, it brings out a lot of fun especially when your friend appreciates your effort and did enjoy the fruits.

But nowadays, its totally different. Since most of the fruits if not all can be easily found in the fruit stands, there are pretty less and less effort needed and no appreciation is required since there are nothing much difficulties on picking it up, just a trolley or a fruit basket is enough.

Before, it is no big deal. Because almost everybody do the same thing.

Now, it brings out a lot of fun too…. But fun of different kind….


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