Life is A Beach!

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Random
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Life is a beach in every way we look at it. But it depends on what kind of beach our lives have. Sometimes, it will not just be an enjoyable summertime beach but a well-entrenched and never been discovered, altered beach. One with huge rocks, big and fearsome waves, still untouched behind the corner of an island’s mountain. Always ready to rip anyone into pieces in a second or two. No calmness on sight as it is like there is always a storm brewing in. Stronger wind and heavier sea breeze, it gets a lot much more heavier as days passes by. And when you tried to get into it, either you’ll get drowned or sharks will just feast on your stupidity. These kind of beaches will have a lot of challenges, will only bring you a lot of unavoidable pains and sufferings. Don’t even step near into it, you’ll never know what will happen next when you fall into its trenches. Better get drowned in a summertime beach where somebody could possibly rescue you rather than get lost in this kind of beaches, where nobody would dare think to get you out of it.


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