The affinity of relentless thoughts

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Living Life
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After more than a year of putting one’s self behind of a virtual barricade of boredoms and shattering lifestyle, the old spirit and habitual flesh has come out slowly to the open after some tiring exchanges of thoughts and reciprocal mindset from where it does solely started. One shall never deny that the earthly body has needs which will only makes it worst once the rebellious stint comes into picture. Hard times are over, it has been proven that changing own self with a usual approach of denying the immortalized temptations will never be successful and good enough to combat such strong flexes of unknown invitations. The nature’s law is not to transform into one earthly body that has to near the perfection of being humane with supernatural attitude and characters, but how would you keep yourself intact against all the spiritual and humanely combination of energies that sometimes make someone falls into submission of being a two-sided, two-faced spirited being. One that has no outright sensitivity to one’s need, expectations, mortal feelings, happiness, and enthusiasm to live a life in a busy outrageous world, all fears has gone and what only remains is hatred that has been just suppressed for such a very short period of time.

  1. Pomeroy! says:

    A very nice piece of writing, KS.

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