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The Forbidden Fruit

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Friendships
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During those early years, I bravely climb the tallest and the biggest Mango trees in my grandfather’s farm just to pick up the biggest and the tastiest mango for my friend every time she craves and ask me for it. Even some other local fruits that is not that easy to harvest or pick-up. Although, it’s risky to climb those huge trees, it brings out a lot of fun especially when your friend appreciates your effort and did enjoy the fruits.

But nowadays, its totally different. Since most of the fruits if not all can be easily found in the fruit stands, there are pretty less and less effort needed and no appreciation is required since there are nothing much difficulties on picking it up, just a trolley or a fruit basket is enough.

Before, it is no big deal. Because almost everybody do the same thing.

Now, it brings out a lot of fun too…. But fun of different kind….


Life is A Beach!

Posted: July 13, 2009 in Random
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Life is a beach in every way we look at it. But it depends on what kind of beach our lives have. Sometimes, it will not just be an enjoyable summertime beach but a well-entrenched and never been discovered, altered beach. One with huge rocks, big and fearsome waves, still untouched behind the corner of an island’s mountain. Always ready to rip anyone into pieces in a second or two. No calmness on sight as it is like there is always a storm brewing in. Stronger wind and heavier sea breeze, it gets a lot much more heavier as days passes by. And when you tried to get into it, either you’ll get drowned or sharks will just feast on your stupidity. These kind of beaches will have a lot of challenges, will only bring you a lot of unavoidable pains and sufferings. Don’t even step near into it, you’ll never know what will happen next when you fall into its trenches. Better get drowned in a summertime beach where somebody could possibly rescue you rather than get lost in this kind of beaches, where nobody would dare think to get you out of it.


After more than a year of putting one’s self behind of a virtual barricade of boredoms and shattering lifestyle, the old spirit and habitual flesh has come out slowly to the open after some tiring exchanges of thoughts and reciprocal mindset from where it does solely started. One shall never deny that the earthly body has needs which will only makes it worst once the rebellious stint comes into picture. Hard times are over, it has been proven that changing own self with a usual approach of denying the immortalized temptations will never be successful and good enough to combat such strong flexes of unknown invitations. The nature’s law is not to transform into one earthly body that has to near the perfection of being humane with supernatural attitude and characters, but how would you keep yourself intact against all the spiritual and humanely combination of energies that sometimes make someone falls into submission of being a two-sided, two-faced spirited being. One that has no outright sensitivity to one’s need, expectations, mortal feelings, happiness, and enthusiasm to live a life in a busy outrageous world, all fears has gone and what only remains is hatred that has been just suppressed for such a very short period of time.