Dinner Over High Heels

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Romance
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It’s not in my plan to go anywhere that night. But because my phone keeps on ringing that night, I answered my friends call and we ended up listening to a live set in a familiar place in the City. Then I met this girl. She’s taller than me, dark complexion, long hair and pretty enough to caught every men’s eyes inside that bar. As my instinct persists, I handed her a bottle of beer and morning comes next, she’s waking me up to turn off my alarm.

We did met again for dinner on the same day. She told me that the girl I am with last night was not the same girl having that dinner with me. I told her that even I’m drunk that night, I am the same guy who’s serving her grilled salmon and salad as her wish. Despite the countless differences between us, it turns out as an one enjoyable dinner filled with great sense humor and laughters.

We walk, we talk, we laugh and then we turned a bit serious. We just found ourselves locked in a room of a hotel in the skirts of the City. We just let our bodies do the talking ‘til almost midnight.

.. and hope to meet again soon for a much wonderful night under the lights of the City that never sleeps.


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