Sayonara no Tomodachi

Posted: May 27, 2009 in Friendships
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When sour becomes bitter and bitter becomes nothing at all. After a while, you’ve decided to put an end to it. There are kinda some sort of unspotted emotional costs, but somebody is whispering behind your ears, you have to move on as usual, and do what you do best. It will be a painful approach but during times like these, you should not have entertained any kind of funny stuffs that will keep on strangling inside your already chaotic brain. Year after year, you’d never learned. The enigma of those strange, unreasonable and unjustified encounters should perhaps be out into subterranean corner of your thoughts. And it shouldn’t be nurtured to something that your stupid nerves would get tangle on it. You shouldn’t have tried to step in. This is pathetic. When your ability to laugh and make people laugh even to the severe obtuse jokes diminished like a balloon carried away by the strong winds behind the empty clouds. You have no way to get unto it but avoid in some way without any reason at all, without looking back, or else, you’ll just continue to hurt yourself by being a wine cork ’til there’s no more ego to get bruised. There are things that could be classified and considered as golden memoirs to be treasured, for sure it rather have to stay that way. Your only inviting self-destruction in which you will never ever find the way and cure to recover.

Perhaps you should be thankful you’d met and your paths cross-over. Unspoken but deep inside your mind, you just can’t hide that her thoughts will always linger together with her lasting and charming smile will forever be carved inside of you.

Sayonara no Tomodachi.


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