… Lights, Camera……

Posted: May 16, 2009 in People
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… tears flowing down to her innocent pretty face, his man is quiet if I can call him a man but I’ll prefer to just call him a boy. There’s something wrong I thought. I can’t help myself but to take a look at the girl, she’s still young maybe still a teen or perhaps her looks is just lying. They are in front of me, just a foot away from my table. Shit this is crucifying me, I can’t stand seeing a girl crying in front of my own eyes. I’m reading a book for God sake, spare me with your drama kids. Go home and go to bed, it would be better that way. I’m enjoying my coffee here, get lost. But they won’t. Now they are arguing. Aha. Now, you successfully caught the attention of the rest who’s maybe like me just killing time here. You kids just spoiled my night. I’d better go home. Ok, it’s your stage buddy. Anyway its almost closing time so, Lights, Camera, Drama!


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