Life is Like A Coffee in A Cup

Posted: April 18, 2009 in Living Life
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Life is like a coffee in a cup.
Either it’s sweet or not.
Either it is black or not.
Either is 3-in-1 or locally brewed.
Either it is instant or not.
Either it’s in small cup or in large mug.
Either it’s cold or hot, chilling or not.

You have to enjoy it, smell the aroma of it, and get addicted ’til the last drop of it.

Life is like a coffee in a cup, hold into your cup carefully, so you’ll not spill it.
If you mess with it, look at the stain it would create.

  1. saishia says:

    Even if you spill it…dont fret…learn something from it and continue savouring the aroma of every drop of that coffee ~ 🙂 Follow your bliss. Nice post!

  2. kizukesahara says:

    Appreciate it, thnks…

  3. Moranna says:

    Like the ditty, very profound!

  4. ladie_sakuya says:

    deep. just have 1 question though, what if i like milo, should i replace it with coffee? (“,)

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