Today’s News

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Humor and Jokes
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Yahoo To Cut Hundreds of Jobs – less and less happy emoticons in Messenger I guess.

UBS Posts $1.7 Billion Quarter Loss, Cuts 8,700 Jobs – Not everybody has happy retirement period. They got sacked before they even filed for it.

Pirates Seize 4 More Ships, 60 Crew Members – industry keeps on losing ships and seafarers not because of recession though.

Washington Wrestles with the Pirate Problem – new kinda war front I guess, business is good Senator..

Judging “American Idol”: The Final 7 – As usual, I love Paula.

The First Dog Is A Furry Beast – Secret Service shall not treat that as a pet though.

EBay plans Skype public listing – Hello, I saw your ID in eBay, is it for sale?

Angry N Korea quits nuclear talks – This is perfect move to gain enough extra attention.

F1 Grand Prix: Malaysia start time under review – Drivers complaints about the daylight at 2PM local time, now they are complaining about the rain after adjusting the race time. Blame the nature dude? After all, that what makes racing extra exciting, c’mon.


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