It was Thursday night; he just came back from a sporty activity that is usually part of his routine. Tired and hungry, he found a letter at the front of his room. Letters and snail mails are common but rarely this one. This one is different from the others. He opened the door, entered the room and sit down beside his bed. He carefully opened the letter just to get shocked and disappointed by the contents of it.

First time into that situation, he tried to maintain his cool and his calmness. He took a deep breath and read the letter once again. Now it is official he sigh. After all the previous conversation, advices and phone calls, all proven to be ineffective. All of his senses shattered into pieces while trying to think what will be his best move and logical approach to what disappointed him.

The joker’s ordeal failed to be concealed by his tiresome and peculiar face against his housemate. Sensing that there is something wrong, his friend immediately asked and indirectly converged what makes him to have that look on his face. He willingly shared his previous experience and how he managed to dodge and survived it. Still after that, he somehow still feels alone, neglected and abandoned.
He dialled his phone and tried to call a special friend. At least, from there, unknown effect by simply talking to her will surely offer a quick relief, and so it is. Strange but somewhat, he tries to comprehend whatever makes it that way and flout it out to clear off anything that may lead into sudden death of unwitting emotions.

Again, alone in his room, he attempted to foresee different after-effect if he fails to act swiftly and wisely on his unprecedented problem. He should be smart, ready to sacrifice other things and set priorities that may possibly take down the path to survival. Suddenly, tears falls from his eyes, down to his face and everything seems he’s helpless. The Joker is in tears.


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