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“For the weak, for those hopelessly falling in love, and for people who either they fell too early or had been struck too late…”

You just wake up one morning and you found out that your life is starting to get quiet until….. Your routine became simple until someone unexpected cross your way….

You have no more disagreement with anyone ‘til you start to argue and jumble with your light similarities and unknown differences…..

You had started to live a pretty basic life ‘til you can’t find for yourself how your day will gonna start and how it will end….

It seems you can’t get away with it…… You thought you can…. ‘Til you decided to just let it sail thru the wind and swim against the tides…… Painful or not….

The thing is, when you fall in love, you’ll never know that it is already hitting you really hard, really really hard…..

The fact is that when you fall for it, you’ll never find the answer why and you’ll never give a damn to give it a try….

And the truth ‘bout it will be difficult to face, you’ll be pushed into the corner, to the edge but you’ll keep on hoping along the way….

And you’ll never find the way out of it that easy… And that’s the tricky part…..

Now then you’ll think about the past and what you’d been through all those years
You’re hurt the way you hurt those people you’d been with before
People who entrusted their heart to you, gave their all, even their dreams of their future

All of the sudden you’d decided to walked away, turn your back and say good bye
You’ve both says it’s over, even in your eyes appears it is not and promised to stay that way first time you’ve met and became thankful at least you both gave it a shot.
And moving on will be much easier because by the time you see it, both of you had shows no regrets.

lovers in the park

If you kinda realized within yourself that you’re on this kind of situation, at least be happy about it. Be thankful for what you’ve got and what that someone can possibly gave back. For the law of nature has never been unfair to anyone, we are just all piece of the puzzle. Keep on going, keep on hoping and keep on that way that keeps you moving.

And if it’s really painful for you to hang on, there is nothing wrong if you just let yourself cry. You’ve got to know how to learn risking it all, without expecting anything in return.


In-Progress Post # 1

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“If we can’t make it, we will never be able to hold unto it.” she said solidly.


Number of times Twilight movie had been played: 7 so far + tonight

Waiting for Dakota Fanning on Twilight upcoming series New Moon..

I have watched a lot of movies related to wolves and vampires. The never ending saga of two immortal clans. But Twilight, nahhhh, this is not only one hell of a vampire movie.

From now on, I’ll start posting about the book and about the movie and all characters involved in the making or along the way.

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

~ George Eliot

As of now, on my current turbulent situation, the reason why I’m still standing is because of those real friends helping me out to stay on my flight. Every posting I’ve made here about Friendships are for them even that they have no idea on the existence of Kizuke Sahara’s Pink Panther’s Reckless Pen.


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“Why not we try?”

That’s the worst and stupid question I’ve asked last night while I’m in the phone with my friend. Shit! I felt that I’m an asshole. What a moron I am. She’s a friend, maybe one of the best’ friend I have here.
But I just busted it last night by telling her and letting her know instead of I should be keeping it just within myself.

Lousy crap, what a mess.

But the thing is, I just wanted her to know what the real score is.
And all I believe is I just did the right thing by being true to myself.

Whatever it may caused to what we have now, I will have to face it because I just made it that way in the first place.

It is his first day as a Fireman, a Firefighter as popularly known. Suddenly, a man walks to him and had asked for the Fire hose Stretcher. The newbie Fireman immediately offered his help. He quickly move his ass looking for something that look likes a Fire Hose Stretcher. He search high and low, checked all the fire trucks one by one and all the possible places where they are keeping it. Exhausted, he then saw his Captain and asked for his relief. He asked where the Fire Hose Stretcher is.

The Captain answered him really quick smiling, “That’s in your job description son. Your a Fire Hose Stretcher.”



Life is like a coffee in a cup.
Either it’s sweet or not.
Either it is black or not.
Either is 3-in-1 or locally brewed.
Either it is instant or not.
Either it’s in small cup or in large mug.
Either it’s cold or hot, chilling or not.

You have to enjoy it, smell the aroma of it, and get addicted ’til the last drop of it.

Life is like a coffee in a cup, hold into your cup carefully, so you’ll not spill it.
If you mess with it, look at the stain it would create.