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Not every marriage is successful and not every story end with happily ever after paraphrase. The same plot is likely on let’s say forming a group of people with common interests. It will not be an idea of one but of a few or rather from one to many. The enthusiasm is extremely high and the future looks promising. Someone above the rest will lead and will set the direction based on common ground. Laughter and beers will drown every failure down the road. Let ‘em say we’re still work-in-progress and we will come to the point where we can really call ourselves competitors.


But along the way, changes are inevitable. People will have different priorities, different lifestyle, with so much focus on responsibilities. Then there goes the first, second, third, fourth alumni. But new faces come into picture. Again, new hopes were born. New definition of the word challenge, the whole new meaning of WE. Bad times, good times, even more bad times but still we just call it another part of building a more stronger and solid foundation. And at the end, ice-cold beer will cure every pain and every frustration.


The main reason why the group was formed slowly fades away like as how the original mainstay was fitted with new shoes.  Only few were left and were replaced by new action stars. Perhaps the spirit that binds the group is just hanging by a thread. Most likely tired of the tradition the group needs to be revolutionized or reborn.


But hope is eternal. And the trigger will just appear in time that everyone is not expecting it. Then the surprising change came in that looks to energized the already exhausted soul of the group. When people step-up amazingly when someone says adieu temporarily. Somehow a huge sign that stays for such time. A period where a rewind of everything from day 1 is the best thing to do.


The suffocating tradition maybe the culprit of everything. One cannot hold on to the very same chair for a very long time. A good leader will always think what is best for the rest and not to oneself alone. Even if it became part of your daily life, your true love next to the people you love most, your habit that is definitely hard to break and part of your soul, if everything looks bad when your hands on, and the opposite if not, then it is just time to let it go.


A true leader will think about the survival of all and not by one, of the single reason why it is there in the first place. If it will looks better with the total absence of who formed it and not how it was formed, then it is just time to let it go.


Some relationships ends prematurely, but life that is, full of mystery, complications and never ending changes.


But for the best part, the group that was originally formed for one single reason will stays with still that single reason. And that is where it all started.


People is asking why?


Well, good leader will say “it is time for new ideas”, a better one will say “it is for the common good of majority” while the least will simply say “my time is over…”


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Here, Again…..

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Here we go again.

Does it really matter if someone had to wait?

It some kind of an entrapment, and I don’t want to do this anymore.

Breakups, is not an easy thing on earth.

It will somehow create a situation wherein you’ll find yourself affected if not that way too seriously.

Well, you may not be the aggravated party but it will also leave a mark on you.

You’ll somehow you’ll laugh about it, drink a couple of beers with it, but, bottom line, you’ll still experience a form of agony after all the smoke gets cleared.

I am exactly in the same situation I was before.

Girl was introduced to me, I was introduced to here, we then agreed to continue with the talks.

We laugh, we share stories, we walk together, dream together.

We call each other not daily but time to time, every day, every night, every bedtime, every sunrise.

We are text mate, facebook friends, etc etc.

We share movie links, we share love songs, she then falls, not We.

Then the art of letting go.

The pain, not alien to it anymore but have to be face all over again.

Not that I do not love her, nor don’t like here but I don’t know.

She’s not the one.

I’ve got feelings for her I care for her, really.

I’m sad when she’s feeling blue and don’t want to find her not having a great day.

But, I don’t know.

Perhaps, just one of those situations that became almost a habit for me.

Certainly, Here we go again.




Unfaithfully Yours

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Romance

And yet the man failed to control to the very last point of perilous temptation

To the glorious idea of wicked thoughts, thy blissful actions speaks well for his damned soul

That weakness of a man’s flesh capitulates to the lovely but monstrously sinful smile

Immortalizes the popular never ending stories of the unfaithful humans

While she look helplessly on the silhouette of the sins

Dark rain hides the tears as sobs of anger silently numb her actions

As she slowly walks away, a glimpse of their past quickly shoots back as loud as the thunder roar

“I’ll be yours forever, only you I will love til the end of my life, I promise.”

“I promise to be faithful and dare not touch another woman’s heart.”

“Til death….”

… but death she’s all alone


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Lucky me
Managed to dodge it
If not, a devastating result with either bring me down to my senses and totally lost myself in the process or it will gonna hunt me forever
If I did fall in love to that girl, I’m doomed for sure
But to be honest, i think she has all what a girl should have
But she’s a bit scary in general sense of it

One thing about her I will not be able to forget is her smile.
It has the power to melt everything on its path.

Well, I have 10 days more days of starting anew again.
Deactivated my facebook account already, bid farewell to to my anime nome de plume on social media.
Next is to finally set my current contact numbers to “unreachable” mode means offline for good.
Another is to clean-up YM, MSN, Skype and other chatting accounts.

Though my tweet tweet and Google+ accounts are all intact and i decided to keep them for a while.

That’s it for now.

I did Never Stop

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Romance

… i did never stop thinking of you
… sana ako na lang s’ya
… sana ako na lang

the most painful morning

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Romance

It’s the longest goodbye I ever had and the most painful one.

For the first time in my life, I shed tears and totally can’t hide the pain of saying it. The last few minutes with her at the airport was the longest goodbye I ever had and the most painful, heartbreaking morning I can’t hardly imagined of my entire life.

I had fear of falling in love because I am afraid that parting ways and letting go when it’s over is a matter of survival. From the previous years, I had played safely. Never did contemplated and always consider it as a stupid idea and believe only fools fall in love.

The day we had our first phone call was the start of something I haven’t expected. Instantly, she’s the most caring, thoughtful, sweetest girl I’d met and the only girl that I could not easily pleased on a lot of things I’m already used to.

After so many years, someone could say, I’ve finally met my match. No doubt.

I will miss her badly, recovering won’t be easy. Falling in love which I feared most has a lot of negative energies associated with it. But with her, she taught me a lot of it. I realized how it is being possessive and dismissed that negativity to make way for a healthy relationship. With her, I learnt how to handle jealousy and have trust with the girl you love most. I learnt how to overcome insecurities and felt secure whenever she’s away with me. She taught me how to appreciate little things and even simple ear whispers. She taught me how to love without conditions, fear nothing and wake up every morning with the sweetest smile all over.

But when she said, that I should always take care of myself while hugging me like it’s the last hug we could possibly have, when her tears started to fall, it feels like, this is the end of everything. Between immigration glasses and gates, we wave our goodbyes with a very heavy heart that I could barely walk myself out of the terminal. My tears are even falling while I am writing these, how silly I am, pity for myself for letting these things to happen.

I just can’t continue writing……

In Love

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I never knew that these would come along in the time in which I am already in the process of believing and accepting that fact, the hardcore reality; that I don’t have to be like these anymore. That time is running out for me and If I did not make any wise practical decision, I will no longer be able to get it back to where it should be. I am used to missed calls and unknown numbers in my handheld. But when this one appeared one rainy Friday morning, everything happened too fast that never gave me a chance to counter-react on my usual defensive instinct.

Yes you’re right. Another woman in my life comes into picture. Only this time, I am deeply affected or rather impacted by her presence. I was struck right away in the center of my weakest point, bulls-eye. Damnit! Never been like these before. I’m a cold-blooded Adam, I do not entertain ridiculous feelings of love and fantasies, romance and deep affections. I used to be always in a relationship which I don’t entertain expectations and regards to commitments. My basic simple philosophy is that, people come and go, and so girlfriends too. I managed to be a pro in letting go.

But hey, look at me. I am scared of my own creations. I am falling in love. Not falling, I am already in love. And I am scared to death. Why, I am sure you’re asking me why. Because my simple answer is that I don’t want to fall in love. It’s my one single weakness that until now, I am having hard times figuring it out on how I could possibly recover when everything goes haywire. I can’t imagine the pain of losing someone to another guy. Nor breaking up and letting the one you truly love go.

Call me insane but that is just who I am. No regards to the feeling of others when in a playful relationship but I admit that I am scared to death with the thoughts of falling crazily in love with someone. Not fair ha. Yeah, I am not fair and will not play fair to anyone.

But… This time, let’s see.